Develop the mindset of a negotiator. 

Consensus offers an immersive approach to preparing and engaging in real-life negotiations.

Negotiating is a human endeavor.

Unlike other teaching tools, Consensus doesn’t pit participants against a computer algorithm. 

Applying blended learning, participants use the Consensus platform to work through the stages, rhythm and strategies of a real negotiation – engaging their human counterparts all along the way.

An educator or leader can facilitate or “chair” the negotiations on the platform to help participants reach consensus.

Innovative Features

For Students

Collaborate Online

Develop negotiating texts as part of a delegation and across negotiating groups using collaboration tools.

Manage Priorities

Document your positions and analysis in a structured workspace to better prepare for negotiations.

Assess Counterparts

Determine where your peers stand on each negotiating objective and monitor collective progress towards consensus.

For Educators

Customize Scenarios

Assign roles, develop timelines and milestones, and provide the context for the negotiation.

Track Progress

An innovative activity tracker provides a realtime summary of student positions as the simulation unfolds.

Throw Curveballs

Text alerts to students on breaking news. Use this feature to keep things on track or introduce new variables. 

Student Views

"The strength of Consensus is that it brings organization and structure to a simulation scenario."

- consultant to the World Bank

"There are few low-stakes situations to practice real negotiating. Interpersonal trust and empathy were so important."

- international trade analyst at U.S. Department of Commerce

"Honing negotiating skills in general is extremely useful. Consensus is a great exercise - I can say with confidence now that until you sit at the negotiating table in complex multiparty talks, you don't really understand."

 - analyst with Bloomberg LP

"I gained valuable skills in the simulation that are not easy to practice."

- national security advisor to a member of the U.S. Senate

Bring Consensus. to your classroom