Develop the mindset of a negotiator. 

Consensus Learning is an immersive approach to preparing and engaging in real-life negotiations.

There’s no substitute for learning by doing.

Developing negotiating skills normally requires accumulating experience at the elbow of seasoned negotiators — experiences that can be hard to come by early in a professional career.

We developed Consensus Learning for students to experience authentic decision-making processes and hone techniques for analyzing and communicating with negotiating counterparts using a structured and engaging digital platform.

They're using Consensus Learning.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

WTO agriculture simulation

MSFS 585

Multilateral trade negotiation simulation

Central America Prosperity Project

 Digital Trade MOU simulation

PPOL 784

European 5G policy simulation

FAS Professional Training

SPS+ negotiation simulation


Let us help you create a negotiation simulation for your class or team.

What Students Say

"The strength of Consensus Learning is that it brings organization and structure to a simulation scenario."

- consultant to the World Bank

"There are few low-stakes situations to practice real negotiating. Interpersonal trust and empathy were so important."

- international trade analyst at U.S. Department of Commerce

"Honing negotiating skills in general is extremely useful. Consensus Learning is a great exercise - I can say with confidence now that until you sit at the negotiating table in complex multiparty talks, you don't really understand."

 - analyst with Bloomberg LP

"I gained valuable skills in the simulation that are not easy to practice."

- national security advisor to a member of the U.S. Senate

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