Simulation Resources

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Preparing the Next Generation of Trade Negotiators

Supplement your Consensus simulation experience with these curated resources for educators and students. Use the filters below to search for data sets, articles, videos, and more to bolster your knowledge of international trade topics and issues.

This resource library will grow with time to feature tutorials, strategy guides, and simulation scenarios for educators using Consensus in their classrooms.

TitleContentResource Types
OECD iLibrary Statistical DatabaseThe OECD iLibrary contains vast amounts of historical and up-to-date materials for research. The iLibrary …, ,
European Union Trade StatisticsThis page contains individual country profiles and trade statistics within the EU. View Resource,
World Bank Open DataThis page contains interactive user-friendly trade data that can be manipulated by searching for particular …,
World Bank Country Trade ProfilesThis page contains the trade profile statistics for member states of the World Bank. View …, , ,
U.S. Trade StatisticsThis page contains U.S. trade data on the national and state levels. It also contains …,
U.S. Census Bureau Interactive GraphicsThese interactive graphics contain aggregate U.S. trade data and various time-series on U.S. trade patterns. …,
U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services Report 2017Report on U.S. international trade in goods and services by the U.S. Census Bureau and …,
U.S. International Trade DataThis page contains statistics, interactive graphics and reports on the latest U.S. international trade in …, ,
WTO Trade Data Bulk DownloadThis page contains aggregate trade data collated by the WTO that is available for download. …
WTO Statistics DatabaseThis database contain statistics on: trade profiles, tariff profiles, and aid-for-trade profiles by country, region …, ,
WTO Trade and Tariff DatabaseThis page contains selective statistics and publications on country trade profiles, trade in services, tariffs, …, ,