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Design or play in a simulation that models real trade negotiations.

Consensus creates an environment designed to immerse students in the preparation, analysis, engagement, and strategies that are second nature to a seasoned negotiator.

For Teachers

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    Customize Scenarios

    Assign your students to represent a specific country, negotiating group, or role within a delegation. Provide compromise text to shape negotiation inside and outside of your classroom.

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    Track Progress

    Track delegation activity and student positions as the simulation unfolds. The timeline feature provides a realtime summary view of progress towards consensus.

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    Throw Curveballs

    Send students alerts via text message to provide news. Prompt them to take action during the course of the simulation. Use this feature to keep things on track, or induce a pivot.

For Students

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    Collaborate Online

    Work through negotiating text as an individual student, as part of a delegation, and across negotiating groups through Google integration.

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    Manage Priorities

    Students document decisions around their own positions and prepare for in-class negotiation sessions within a structured space.

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    Consider Counterparts

    Students can assess where their peers stand on each negotiating objective throughout the simulation and monitor collective progress towards consensus.

Learn what it takes to be a good negotiator by downloading our infographic.

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The live beta prototype was introduced in classrooms in Spring 2018.