Develop the mindset of a trade negotiator.

Consensus immerses you in a “negotiating world” to instill best practices for leading trade negotiations and achieving strong outcomes.

Experience an authentic rhythm and pace for trade negotiations. Make decisions about when and how to engage other delegations. Build and maintain coalitions. Practice effective process management. Unlike other online games, the goal when you play Consensus isn’t to “win” or accumulate points. And you can’t play alone. Participants must work together toward consensus on real world trade problems.

Experience the Simulation Tool

Prepare, Engage, and Strategize

On the Consensus dashboard, students develop their own positions and assess the positions of their counterparts. Consensus prompts students to engage delegations directly, build relationships and acquire information needed to participate in the instructor-led portion of the simulation.

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Test Strategies and Track Results

Consensus asks students to assess progress toward an agreement. Using a dashboard, students can see the activity of different delegations, evaluate whether their strategies are moving them towards their goals, and decide next steps. The instructor can introduce new variables along the way, mimicking developments and curveballs from real life.

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Negotiate an Agreed Outcome

Consensus establishes a foundation for instructor-led negotiation sessions. Because students are offered a high degree of freedom—and responsibility— within the structured environment to engage their counterparts, identify obstacles, and test solutions, they are in a better position to conduct robust in-class negotiations toward agreed outcomes.

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Our world needs good trade negotiators.

Achieving consensus requires asking the right questions, communicating well, and developing a good sense for when the deal is coming together—or falling apart.

Sharpen Your Trade Skills

There is no substitute for learning by doing.

Using Consensus, you will design or play a role in a simulation that models the stages, rhythm, and strategies of a real trade negotiation.

Developed by former government trade negotiators, Consensus creates an authentic environment that immerses students in processes and strategies that become second nature to a seasoned negotiator. Students tackle real world trade problems that complement their academic coursework, putting them one step further toward becoming a professional negotiator.

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